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My experiences with a new flavor technology

Seriously, it’s enough that I have a family to look after. I don’t want my teenage kids or my wife to be at risk just because I had developed a cigarette habit over the years. But, after discussing the details of this dilemma with my buddy, I realized that going through the process of quitting might just be something that I was unable to do. Continue reading

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My awesome new charger

The problem that I was facing was that the charger that I had was given to me by a friend along with the cig, itself, and it will only plug directly into a wall outlet. Continue reading

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How Vapor Cigarettes Work

You see, I really avoided smoking around them so I wouldn’t affect their health. This was especially true when it came to the health of my kids. they didn’t need to breathing in my second hand smoke. Continue reading

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Making a Healthier Choice

The healthiest choice that I could have possibly made was switching to a new kind of flavorful cigarette alternative. One that would give me the full enjoyment of smoking, but without the mess or unhealthy tars and other other poisons … Continue reading

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Menthol Electronic Cigarette Information

There are new alternatives on the market to smoking tobacco. One of these alternatives is called the menthol and non-menthol electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette is considered to be a safe cigarette. The electronic cigarette has not been approved by … Continue reading

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