Do You Know Your E-Cig Recharging Options?

One of the major advantages with ecigs is the fact that you can recharge an ecig battery in more than one way. This means that the portability factor of an ecig is quite significant and thus you can take them just about anywhere you need to go! Let’s take a look at some of these options, shall we? The first thing that you should know is that when you purchase an ecig kit, you will get the connections to have these ecig recharging options. This is why I suggest that you get the whole ecig kit when buying an ecig for the very first time.

The first (and most obvious way) way to recharge an ecig is connecting the ecig battery to a wall socket. This will recharge the battery in the amount of time that is specified with your ecig instructions and the amount of time will depend on the battery type. But the time that it takes is not all that long. The only disadvantage is that you usually don’t have a wall socket everywhere that you go. This is especially true if you travel by car or truck. So you can use one of the other charging options we will point out here.

One of my favorite ways to recharge my ecig is by using the USB port on my laptop. Recharging ecigs with a USB port is ultra convenient, since I use my laptop (I’m in sales) just about everywhere that I go. This includes hanging out at the airport, waiting for my flight or sitting in a hotel lobby, waiting for my check-in time. You see, I have more than one ecig battery and I can use my laptop to charge one ecig battery while using the other one. You can’t beat that for convenience.

The final method that I like to use when charging my ecig battery is right in my own car. When I’m on the road, either in my own car or a rental vehicle, I can recharge my ecig battery by using the adapter that fits into my electric cigarette lighter – right in the car that I’m driving. This way, I can recharge my battery without running my laptop’s charge down. So, while I’m on my way to my next appointment, I can recharge the battery and give my laptop a rest. As you can see, eigs represent the epitome of potability and convenience.

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