Have You Found the Perfect Smoking Substitute?

I know this may seem to be a bit odd, but I recently found the perfect smoking substitute available today! And, no, it’s not a patch, pills or a box of chocolates. It even looks like a standard cigarette. The only thing is that when you see me “smoking” and you stand next to me – you’ll notice something a bit strange. You won’t smell any cigarette smoke! That’s right. That’s because my “cigs” only give off a bit of water vapor in the form of a smoky mist. And the mist that you inhale contains all the nicotine that your body craves.

So, how is all of this possible? The mechanics of all of this are relatively simple. You have an item that looks like a standard cigarette. Add to that a small ecig battery and a bit of “ecig juice” that not only contains your selected flavor (from chocolate to menthol – my favorite is menthol), but contains a bit of nicotine. This adds up to a satisfying experience that won’t pollute the air around you with second hand smoke. This means that the folks around you (who don’t smoke) won’t be put off by the smell or be adverse to any harmful toxins that you give off.

You might think that this type of technology would be expensive and hard to come by. But, in essence, this new form of “smoking” is relatively cheap and is very easy to come by an order. I do my ordering online and I have my supplies delivered directly to my home. This saves me the trouble of having to drive to the store to get the supplies that I need in order to get my ecig juice and other items that I need. This, to me, is the ultimate convenience when it comes to enjoying my smoke breaks.

So, in the long run, I’ve discovered a new cigarette smoking method that has provided me with a way to have my own private smoking haven. Away from all the worries of the day. And the best part is that it’s my own space and it doesn’t intrude on anyone’s space and doesn’t compromise anyone’s health. This is pretty much all that I can ask for. Especially considering the fact that we’re looking at a very reasonable price and super portability. If you’re looking for the same thing – all you have to do is look ecigs online!

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