Having More Peaceful Home and Work Moments

I try to avoid stress whenever possible and one of the things that has helped me to feel relaxed, both at work and at home, is the cool menthol taste of my favorite cigarettes. This is something that has been a part of my life for the better part of 30 years and I really couldn’t see it changing any time in the near future. But a good friend of mine pointed out a few interesting things that I had begun to notice as of late. Taken separately, these items are no big deal. But when you add then all up, things look a bit different.

First of all, the places where I could enjoy a moment to have a cigarette break were rapidly disappearing. No more smoking sections in my favorite restaurants and no more smoking inside the building where I work. Believe me, I’m here to tell you that standing outside in the cold in order to have a cigarette break is not even close to relaxing! In addition, we now have children at home, so you can imagine how my wife feels about me smoking around them. Forget it! Once again, I’ve been exiled to the great outdoors.

All of that came to a happy end when I took my friends advice and decided to try out (albeit, reluctantly) one of those “newfangled” electronic smoking devices. At first,I thought that I was going to have to tackle some steep learning curve in order to make the thing work. Well, I guess I was wrong about that too. It was amazingly easy to charge up and use. But here’s the kicker – the taste was great! I got as much menthol enjoyment, heck, maybe more, as any menthol cigarette that I ever smoked. That’s saying a lot. But that wasn’t even the best part.

I discovered that I could smoke in my own house now – without exposing my children (or my wife) to my second hand smoke. After dinner, I can sit at my computer while having a relaxing cig moment. How about that? It’s the same deal at work. During my break time, I’m allowed to hang out in the break room or even in my cubicle and enjoy my menthol ecig. The boss has one, too – so permission was no problem. This has actually increased my productivity while providing for less stress. That’s a combination that I can live with.

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