How Can You Get Your Cigarette Freedom Back?

In this day and age, a lot of people are wondering; “How¬† can I get my smoking freedom back?” And that makes sense, since, at one time, you could smoke just about anywhere. I used to love having a good meal in a restaurant and then lighting up a cigarette. Try that these days! The same holds true in my workplace. I have worked for my company for over 30 years, and at one time I could relax with a cigarette at any time. Now, I have to go all the way outside to a designated smoking area to have a smoke.

I just assumed that smoking bans would just go on forever and take away the freedom that I once had to smoke. Well, part of that is true. Smoking bans will go on forever. But what’s not true is the part about my lack of freedom. That’s because a friend of mine tipped me off about a way to address my nicotine cravings and not have to go searching for a designated smoking area – sometimes in the dead of winter, out in the cold! I all hinges around with a technological breakthrough that gives me the nicotine that I want, without having to “light up”.

It all starts with a small cigarette-like item that I can take with me wherever I go. All I have to do is to charge the battery and keep the “juice” reservoir filled with my favorite menthol flavor liquid. That flavored juice also contains the nicotine that I crave several times a day.The battery turns the juice into a flavorful vapor that I can inhale, just like my old cigarette smoke.But here’s the thing – I don’t breathe out harmful second hand smoke that others near me had to put up with in the past.

This means that I can enjoy my cig breaks just about anywhere. I’m no longer out in the cold in winter time or standing out in the heat, in the summer. Best of all, with the price of standard cigarettes going up, I’m saving a lot of money. This is one of the best inventions that I have ever come across. I’m now more productive at work and more relaxed at home. I’m also not harming the health of anyone around me and I suspect that I’m doing something beneficial for my own health as well. If you’re a smoker, you may want to try e-cigs too.

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