I am More Relaxed at Work These Days

In my line of work there is always a great deal of stress associated with meeting deadlines and just getting things done, in general. That’s why I always appreciated my smoke breaks throughout the day. But that all came to a grinding halt when they instituted a “no smoking” policy for the building that I was working in. Basically, this meant that I would have to go outside and smoke in the designated “smoking areas”. But I just didn’t have time for that, since I needed to be at my desk answering critical calls all day long. This was a horrible situation.

But after a couple of months, a friend of mine suggested that I try out one of the new vapor ecigs that he was using.  To tell you the truth, I had not even considered it! But after checking with Human Resources in order to see if I could use one of these at me desk, and getting a positive answer, I ordered one to see if this would work out to my advantage. And you know what? It worked! The ecig was easy to use, satisfied my nicotine craving and didn’t bother anyone else around me or my desk.

This is the way that my electronic cigarette worked. It has a battery that you can recharge just about anywhere. Mine came with adapters that allowed me to recharge from a wall socket, a vehicle cigarette lighter and even a USB PC connection! You just can’t beat that for convenience. Once the battery is charged, I can select the flavor of ecig juice that I want. I prefer menthol. The ecig vaporizes a tiny amount of the juice and I inhale the flavored water vapor. That vapor contains the flavor and nicotine without the harmful tar and chemicals that are contained within regular cigarettes.

In addition, I don’t exhale smoke, just a small amount of barely scented water vapor. So no second hand smoke from my cigarette shaped vaporizer. It’s just that simple. I get the nicotine that my body wants, which provides that bit of relaxation that eases the tension of the day. You can’t imagine how much spine seizing stress that this little ecig relieved all throughout the day. Everyone at work (and at home) has noticed the change in me, since I have become so much more relaxed and laid back when I’m off work or on a work break.

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