I Can Breathe Easier These Days

Not too long ago, having a so-called relaxing cigarette moment meant that I was sitting outside somewhere, either by myself or with some other cast out unfortunates. Seriously, that’s about the size of it. Times have changed and many parts of society no longer tolerate being around usĀ  smokers. A far cry from the Rod Serling and “I Love Lucy” days when practically every adult had a cig dangling from their mouth. Or so it seemed. Back then, it was a cool thing to do and it made you looked sophisticated. It even controlled your appetite, to boot. Now, it just “controls” your social interactions.

I tried not to be bitter about that. After all, it’s not a good thing to expect others to be inhaling your smoke. Especially when we now know how dangerous it can be. I certainly don’t want my kids to be exposed to the carcinogenic chimney that my mouth occasionally becomes. The promise of my cool refreshing taste is no match for my children’s cleaner air. On top of that, I’ve noticed that I have a bit of trouble getting up the stairs without being out of breath. Also, I doubt that I could run and catch a bus, either.

Well, I’m happy to say that those unfortunate scenarios are in the past, now. You might ask how I managed to make things that much better. Well, it was a lot easier than you might imagine. And, believe it or not, I didn’t even have to give up that unique menthol flavor that I had enjoyed for so many years! It’s just that now I cleaner air that’s surrounding me and I can breathe easier. I accomplished all of this by switching over to a simple electronic cigarette substitute that is known as an e-cigarette (or “ecig” for short).

This simple device may look like a regular cigarette, but it’s really much more than that. Instead of inhaling toxic smoke, I get a cool whiff of water vapor that contains all of the nicotine that I crave. The benefits are many. First of all, I can smoke in my office at work – no more designated smokers areas. I can enjoy my ecig in my home without subjecting the rest of my family to cigarette smoke. But the really great part is that I feel a lot better and I can make it up the stairs without being out of breath.

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