I Found Portable Flavor and Relaxation

When it comes to relaxation on a cig break, the one thing that I don’t want is for someone to interfere with the way and location regarding that break. That just take all the fun out getting away from it all. Let’s face it, cool relaxing menthol flavor on a break is really the reward every smoker seeks. There just is no compromise and finding myself huddled outside in the cold is no way to enjoy a break from work (unless you’re in the military out on maneuvers in the Arctic). You should be able to pick the most relaxing spot for your breaks. At least, that’s what I think.

Fortunately, others have felt the same way and have devised a plan to deal with this situation. Their solution to all of this comes in the form of a cigarette substitute that benefits from rechargeable portability and truly satisfying flavor.That’s right, I’m referring to the new electronic cigarettes that are beginning to pop up everywhere. You see then in the most unlikely places, since most folk are not used to seeing people “smoking” in many buildings, these days. But here’s the thing, those people that you see are not really “smoking”.

What they’re actually doing is inhaling and exhaling nicotine infused water vapor. This gives all the satisfaction of traditional smoking but without the negative qualities. Those negative qualities include things such as messy ashes to be disposed of along with spent matches and empty lighter. But it goes far beyond that. You see, the smoke that a smoker exhales is loaded with toxic qualities that non-smokers don’t want to inhale. And who can blame them? It’s been noted that cigarette smoke can cause cancer. Is that something that you think parents want their children to inhale? Because of this, smoking has been limited to certain remote locations.

These locations tend to be somewhat secluded and as a result, not very “relaxing”. You get the feel of being ostracized and shunned by general society. That would be fine if the smoking areas were on some gorgeous beach looking at the setting sun. But that’s not the case. It’s more like huddled in the back of a building. But ecigs have changed all that with their rechargeable portability and their satisfying flavor. These days, I can relax just about anywhere and not have to worry about polluting the air around me and offending any non-smokers in the area. It’s really the perfect solution.

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