I Have My Breaks Back!

I can’t tell you how happy I am now that I can have my nicotine cravings at work once again. I had to actually give up on my work breaks at one point. This just put a lot of extra stress on my job and everyone could feel the effects of the changes in my moods. This was not pleasant to say the least. Especially since I’m one of the supervisors! Well, that’s all a thing of the past, now. A co-worker of mine introduced me to something called an ecig. That made all the difference in the world, let me tell you!

First of all, during my regular cigarette breaks, I don’t have to consider going way outside to some remote area of the parking lot that I could never make it back in time. This is not the way to enjoy a relaxing break – trust me. So I just had to make another arrangement. In this case, it meant giving up my breaks altogether. This was a horrible solution that had begun to wear on me from the very beginning in ways that were showing up more and more each day. My mood had just gotten worse and no one liked that – seriously.

But that didn’t help at all. All that did was to make me even more tired and this was beginning to show up in my work performance. I couldn’t assist¬† my¬† subordinates like I used for and this just added to my frustration. I was beginning to take it out on them, as well, by by adding more work to their already busy schedule. This did nothing to add to my popularity. Something had to be done quickly. Well, the ecig turned out to be the answer to all of these problems. An ecig gives off no smoke! Just water vapor with the flavor and nicotine that a smoker needs.

Now, I can take my “smoke” break in my cubicle with the permission of the company CEO. Everything has since improved from my mood to my job performance. Trust me when I say that everyone can appreciate the “new me”. I can be more helpful with a sense of humor. This is the one thing that I had lost (my sense of humor). Now I have it back and all with the help of a small electronic device that has changed my life for the good!

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