I No Longer Smoke Out in the Cold

My days at work and at home are a lot more comfortable since I have given up having to stand out in the cold when I want to enjoy a cig break in the winter. Times have changed and now I’m forced to make my way to a “smoking area” in order to enjoy a cig during a work break or at home. But here’s the problem. These so-called “smoking areas” are, in no way, comfortable places to smoke. They’re usually located outside and means out “in the cold” during the fall and winter.Not only that, I live in a part of the country where it snows a lot!

You know, a cigarette break is supposed to be relaxing. How can you possible relax when you’re forced to quickly throw on a coat and run to the nearest exit and then make your way to a smoking area. If I don’t slip on the ice in the winter, I’m quite likely to find myself shivering in some forgotten corner of a building along with some other pathetic souls who needed to take a smoke break! At home, it’s no better, since I constantly find myself in the backyard trying to have a cigarette.

Of course, all of that came a screeching halt when I switched over to electronic cigarettes. I can now enjoy a cig break just about anywhere and I can skip the “standing out in the cold” routine. But when I first considered switching over to ecigs, I did have one concern. You see, I travel a lot and I’m not always near an electrical outlet when I’m on the road. But as it turns out, that wasn’t a problem at all! That’s because you can charge up an ecig battery in a number of different and convenient ways.

For example, when I’m driving from one business destination to another, I can recharge my battery using my car’s cigarette lighter connection. But that’s not all. I have adapters for different wall voltages that I use when I fly to different countries that have different voltage standards. But the best part is that I can charge my ecig battery directly from my PC or laptop by using a USB charger. This makes it easy to recharge my battery when I’m at work and sitting in my cubicle. Then, I’m allowed to enjoy my ecig right there in that cubicle without having to smoke out in the cold.

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