More Than Just Convenience!

When one of my friends started using electronic cigarettes in place of their standard tobacco cigarettes, they kept harping on the same thing – over and over. That one thing pretty much revolve around the same benefit of ecigs and that was how  the vapor cigarettes are convenient. I could see his point. I’ve always said that you don’t know how bad something is until you see it done right.That’s how ecigs are. You don’t realize how much trouble standard cigarettes are until you can carry around an ecig! No more dealing with a burning ash at the end of your hand. It’s all electronic.

But I think what really got me was the absolute first thing that I noticed when I “smoked” during my first encounter with an ecig. That, my friends, was the outstanding taste and flavor in the form of a taste rush that eclipsed anything that I had previously tasted in a cigarette – no matter whether it was a my favorite tasty Kool cigs or any other brand. Trust me, after over 30 years of smoking, I had developed some pretty discriminating tastes in regards to smoking. There was very little room for patience when it came to trying out a new brand for flavor and taste. Or, in this case, a new technology.

Now, I’ve run into a lot of people who tell me that the greatest things about ecigs have to do with the fact that they can now smoke in places where they weren’t allowed to before. These places can include their job break room or cubicle desk or an office. An ecig can allow them to have an after diner smoke at a restaurant or a friend or relative’s house. Heck, it can even be their own house – instead of having to go outside. This is a huge thing, I’ll admit, when it comes to protecting non-smoking family members, especially children.

I  have no argument with any of that. I really don’t – since each person can have a priority based on their current life experiences. Bu ti don;t have any kids at home and I work outside and my wife smokes. So these reasons just don’t apply to me. For me, it’s the taste and flavor that counts. But you know what, now that I think of it, there is one more huge benefit. My wife, after trying one of my new ecigs, is ready to give them a try!

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