My Enhanced Menthol Enjoyment

I had always thought that my old pack of menthol KOOL cigarettes would always be there to provide me with my old time smoking enjoyment. But I was seriously wrong about that! The biggest problem that I kept running into was a concerted effort on the part of the public to make sure that non-smokers were not subjected to second hand smoke. This seriously limited the areas that smoking was allowed and, as the years went by, smoking was banned in a number of different locations, such as restaurants. At work, the designated smoking areas were few and far between.

At home, once my wife an I had children, I began to segregate myself from them when it came to my smoking relaxation time. Of course, this was for their own protection, but it made me feel like an outcast in my own home. I knew that eventually something had to be done. However, I had such a hard time when it came it quitting smoking. Eventually, it was recommended to me that I try out electronic cigarettes and see if one could provide a good smoking substitute for my standard cigs. I have to admit thatI was pretty skeptical, at first.

However, it didn’t take me very long to see how refreshing the enhanced menthol flavor of an ecig actually is! I was absolutely amazed, since after so many years of smoking regular cigarettes, I never thought that I could adapt to anything different. But here I am, with my electronic cigarette, watching TV with my family after dinner without filling up the living room with harmful second hand smoke. It gives a whole new meaning to¬† the term “relaxation”. The same is true at work. I no longer have to run outside and spend half of my break just making it back and forth the the designated smoking area.

But, in the end, I think that the real winner is my own health. After a few months of using this alternative to smoking, I began to notice that I was breathing a whole lot easier. Now when I climb a bunch of steps, I’m no longer out of breath. The same holds true when I play with my kids. Maybe it’s just possible that I’m taking it a bit easier on my lungs and it’s making a difference. If that’s the case, then switching over to ecigs was the best choice that I could have possibly made!

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