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In the past, I had tried on several occasions to quit smoking for a number of different reasons. The first, and most important one, was related to health concerns. But it really went far beyond that. I was talking to a friend of mine who told me that he was doing his best to get rid of his cigarette habit since he and his wife just had a new baby. That made a lot of sense. You certainly don’t want to expose your new baby to the toxic stuff that you’ll find in cigarette smoke. In my case, my wife and I don’t have any infants in the house, but that really doesn’t matter at this point.

Update: since originally posting this article we have begun to experiment with with vaping and we are enjoying this flavor menthol vape juice from

Seriously, it’s enough that I have a family to look after. I don’t want my teenage kids or my wife to be at risk just because I had developed a cigarette habit over the years. But, after discussing the details of this dilemma with my buddy, I realized that going through the process of quitting might just be something that I was unable to do. This was when I stumbled onto a great solution to the problem. Are you trying to get past a smoking habit, yourself? Then read on and see what I came up with.

It pretty much all started when I hit the Internet and began looking for a solution to this issue. When I found out what I needed to know, I made sure to share this info with my friend. And let me tell you, he was glad to try it out and get away from the super tough effort of trying to “white knuckle” it with the cigs.  The answer was so simple, that I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t run into it before! That answer was in a cigarette-sized device that I could take just about anywhere.

It’s called an e-cig and it does away with the toxic smoke of a “regular” cigarette. But it’s got the nicotine that you need. No kidding. Instead of smoke, you get a water vapor mist without the bad stuff that makes up your old cigarette smoke. You can use them just about anywhere. My favorite places are in restaurants (after a good meal) and (this is a riot), in front of no smoking signs. My bud laughed out loud when I told him that. Now he can also satisfy his cigarette habit without putting his family, and others, at risk.

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