My New Favorite Menthol Electronic Cigarette

I give this menthol ecig a solid, “A.”
Here are the most important criteria I used to evaluate this menthol smokeless cigarette.

Flavor: robust, but most importantly, this e-cig actually tastes like a traditional menthol cigarette. I thought all menthol e-cigs would come close, but I was dead wrong. Alot of the e-cigs out there have a tin or metal taste which is annoying.  Halo gets a solid “A” here for true-to-life flavor.

menthol ecig


Great Alternative To:

  • Newport
  • Kool
  • Marlboro
  • other menthol brands.

Aftertaste: Wait, didn’t we just evaluate flavor and taste? well aftertaste means the flavor that is in your mouth after you exhale a drag. This menthol ecig has very little noticeable aftertaste but there is a pleasant and subtle menthol flavor present.

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