My Portable Flavor Breaks

One of the biggest hassles associate with my ecig breaks was keeping the ecigs charged on a regular basis. The reason for this had to do with the fact that my ecigs only came with a charger that was designed to plug into the wall and, needless to say, you don’t always find yourself near a wall outlet. This was especially true, since my job involved a lot of travel around the country. Of course, when hanging out in a hotel or motel room, there were plenty of outlets. But this wasn’t the case when driving to my client appointments.

Now, I eventually purchased a portable charger, but that didn’t always help, since I couldn’t carry it around with me all the time. But then a friend suggested something that solved my problem rather nicely. You see,even though I couldn’t carry my original portable charger around with me everywhere I went, I DID carry my laptop (which I needed for business). This is where the solution to my woes came in. I logged onto the website that sold ecigs and looked up an inexpensive charge that could charge my ecigs from the USB ports on my laptop! Now THAT was convenient!

I can now charge up my favorite menthol ecigs right from my laptop even if I am in the middle of a meeting or in the middle of a lecture. This then allowed me to enjoy a menthol e-cigarette break when the time was right. I was then able to focus a lot better and assimilate the information that was being disseminated a lot better, thus enhancing my overall performance. This was something that was noticed by my manager, which I was looking for as well as increase the results of my performance, sales and  business employee training lectures.

These portable flavor breaks were facilitated by my new portable ecig charger and my entire viewpoint became more laid back and focused, which was something that the other employees also eventually noticed and began asking me about. Eventually, they started to emulate me and put away their old regular cigarettes in favor of the more convenient ecigs. They also started getting ecig gifts from friends and loved ones, which was something that I don’t think they expected – but was very welcome, indeed. The began to breathe easier and the entire company benefited as a result of my example. Because of this level of leadership, I was eventually promoted!

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