My Whole Office Breathes Easier

These days, my whole office breathes easier, thanks to a new focus on health when it comes to smoking. My co-workers have switched over to the far more flavorful ecigs smokeless devices that we all had seen advertised all over the Internet. These handy little items have made things a lot better in the office, since folks don’t have to run all over the building in order to satisfy a smoke break craving.

The ecigs smokeless devices have made things far more efficient at the office. A co-worker can stay at their desk and finish an important project detail and yet still use their ecig. This can save a lot of time and therefore save the company a lot of money. It also can serve to lower the tensions at the office, as well, since a nicotine craving is no longer responsible for flared tempers and irritations on the part of nicotine starved workers.

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