Last updated: May 25th, 2018

I No Longer Smoke Out in the Cold

My days at work and at home are a lot more comfortable since I have given up having to stand out in the cold when I want to enjoy a cig break in the winter. Times have changed and now I’m forced to make my way to a “smoking area” in order to enjoy a cig during a work break or at home. But here’s the problem. These so-called “smoking areas” are, in no way, comfortable places to smoke. They’re usually located outside and means out “in the cold” during the fall and winter.Not only that, I live in a part of the country where it snows a lot!

You know, a cigarette break is supposed to be relaxing. How can you possible relax when you’re forced to quickly throw on a coat and run to the nearest exit and then make your way to a smoking area. If I don’t slip on the ice in the winter, I’m quite likely to find myself shivering in some forgotten corner of a building along with some other pathetic souls who needed to take a smoke break! At home, it’s no better, since I constantly find myself in the backyard trying to have a cigarette.

Of course, all of that came a screeching halt when I switched over to electronic cigarettes. I can now enjoy a cig break just about anywhere and I can skip the “standing out in the cold” routine. But when I first considered switching over to ecigs, I did have one concern. You see, I travel a lot and I’m not always near an electrical outlet when I’m on the road. But as it turns out, that wasn’t a problem at all! That’s because you can charge up an ecig battery in a number of different and convenient ways.

For example, when I’m driving from one business destination to another, I can recharge my battery using my car’s cigarette lighter connection. But that’s not all. I have adapters for different wall voltages that I use when I fly to different countries that have different voltage standards. But the best part is that I can charge my ecig battery directly from my PC or laptop by using a USB charger. This makes it easy to recharge my battery when I’m at work and sitting in my cubicle. Then, I’m allowed to enjoy my ecig right there in that cubicle without having to smoke out in the cold.

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I am More Relaxed at Work These Days

In my line of work there is always a great deal of stress associated with meeting deadlines and just getting things done, in general. That’s why I always appreciated my smoke breaks throughout the day. But that all came to a grinding halt when they instituted a “no smoking” policy for the building that I was working in. Basically, this meant that I would have to go outside and smoke in the designated “smoking areas”. But I just didn’t have time for that, since I needed to be at my desk answering critical calls all day long. This was a horrible situation.

But after a couple of months, a friend of mine suggested that I try out one of the new vapor ecigs that he was using.  To tell you the truth, I had not even considered it! But after checking with Human Resources in order to see if I could use one of these at me desk, and getting a positive answer, I ordered one to see if this would work out to my advantage. And you know what? It worked! The ecig was easy to use, satisfied my nicotine craving and didn’t bother anyone else around me or my desk.

This is the way that my electronic cigarette worked. It has a battery that you can recharge just about anywhere. Mine came with adapters that allowed me to recharge from a wall socket, a vehicle cigarette lighter and even a USB PC connection! You just can’t beat that for convenience. Once the battery is charged, I can select the flavor of ecig juice that I want. I prefer menthol. The ecig vaporizes a tiny amount of the juice and I inhale the flavored water vapor. That vapor contains the flavor and nicotine without the harmful tar and chemicals that are contained within regular cigarettes.

In addition, I don’t exhale smoke, just a small amount of barely scented water vapor. So no second hand smoke from my cigarette shaped vaporizer. It’s just that simple. I get the nicotine that my body wants, which provides that bit of relaxation that eases the tension of the day. You can’t imagine how much spine seizing stress that this little ecig relieved all throughout the day. Everyone at work (and at home) has noticed the change in me, since I have become so much more relaxed and laid back when I’m off work or on a work break.

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More Than Just Convenience!

When one of my friends started using electronic cigarettes in place of their standard tobacco cigarettes, they kept harping on the same thing – over and over. That one thing pretty much revolve around the same benefit of ecigs and that was how  the vapor cigarettes are convenient. I could see his point. I’ve always said that you don’t know how bad something is until you see it done right.That’s how ecigs are. You don’t realize how much trouble standard cigarettes are until you can carry around an ecig! No more dealing with a burning ash at the end of your hand. It’s all electronic.

But I think what really got me was the absolute first thing that I noticed when I “smoked” during my first encounter with an ecig. That, my friends, was the outstanding taste and flavor in the form of a taste rush that eclipsed anything that I had previously tasted in a cigarette – no matter whether it was a my favorite tasty Kool cigs or any other brand. Trust me, after over 30 years of smoking, I had developed some pretty discriminating tastes in regards to smoking. There was very little room for patience when it came to trying out a new brand for flavor and taste. Or, in this case, a new technology.

Now, I’ve run into a lot of people who tell me that the greatest things about ecigs have to do with the fact that they can now smoke in places where they weren’t allowed to before. These places can include their job break room or cubicle desk or an office. An ecig can allow them to have an after diner smoke at a restaurant or a friend or relative’s house. Heck, it can even be their own house – instead of having to go outside. This is a huge thing, I’ll admit, when it comes to protecting non-smoking family members, especially children.

I  have no argument with any of that. I really don’t – since each person can have a priority based on their current life experiences. Bu ti don;t have any kids at home and I work outside and my wife smokes. So these reasons just don’t apply to me. For me, it’s the taste and flavor that counts. But you know what, now that I think of it, there is one more huge benefit. My wife, after trying one of my new ecigs, is ready to give them a try!

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A Very Practical and Relaxing Gift!

My brother-in-law was never really noted for handing out memorable gifts during the holiday season. I think the best that he used to do was to hand out ties that had already slipped out of fashion and could be found on sale in a desperate attempt to sell them to those who would never be mistaken for fashionistas. But  I digress. Let’s just say he never gave great gifts. But that all changed when he handed me a birthday gift, last month. At first I couldn’t figure it out, since it looked like a strange electronic cigarette with a charger.

But after he explained what it was, I was definitely intrigued. It turns out that I had heard about the new smokeless ecigs on the radio,but I had never actually seen one. Now I had the chance to try one out – but I wasn’t all that thrilled at first. Let’s face it, how great could this be? After all it came from someone with a long history of handing out less than interesting gifts. But I promised to give it a try, so I did. I was in for a shock. It turns out that this little gift might actually change my life!

The first thing that I did was to learn how to use my new flavorful smokeless ecig. I was amazed at how much flavor I was able to get from this device! I found the flavor and coolness far more relaxing than my old pack of smokes. The people around me appreciated the fact that they no longer had to smell the fumes that I used to give off when I smoked regular cigarettes. And I don’t mean just when I was actually smoking them, too. The smell used to emanate from my clothing even when I wasn’t actually smoking!

In addition, my vapor cig breaks can be taken just about anywhere since no real smoke is involved! All  I have to do is charge up  with my super new charger and I’m good to go. I can even use my ecigs in the theater when I’m relaxing and watching a movie! Not that’s something from the distant past! When was the last time you were in the “smoking section” of a theater? how about making your own “smoking section”? I find my life has become a lot more enjoyable now that there are fewer restrictions on my cig enjoyment.

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After Dinner Enjoyment

As much as I enjoy a good meal, I also enjoy the flavor of a smoke afterwards. This is especially true around special dinners with guest that seem to spark endless conversations that make these gatherings so  worthwhile. But times have changed and I now find myself surrounded by friends and family who have long since given up smoking. No longer do we all gather around the discussion table with a drink and a smoke after our dinners together. Well, we still gather – just without the smoking part. I missed this more than I was willing to admit. After all, I didn’t want to whine about not smoking.

But I guess one of my friends must have noticed that I wasn’t as relaxed as I could have been. I guess he understood the pleasure of relaxing with a smoke after dinner, since he used to smoke, himself. This is why he ended up presenting me with a very interesting gift. It was in the form of an electronic cigarette and charger kit. It took me no time at all to learn how to use it and the refills came in different flavors. My favorite flavor of all time is, of course, menthol.

Now, after a dinner with our company, we all can sit around afterwards with our drinks and our discussions. And I can still have my cigarette enjoyment while we’re all together. My electronic cigarette doesn’t give off the harmful smoke that my original cigarettes did. But the water vapor mist that they do give off contain the flavor and the nicotine that I want. This is a much better solution to the problem of feeling a bit tense after dinner without my usual cigs, since company is visiting. But the benefits of my new electronic cigs go far beyond my after dinner enjoyment.

Because of the way vapor cigs work, you get true cigarette satisfaction but you don’t permeate the air with harmful second hand smoke. The amount of nicotine that you inhale can also be adjusted. This is perfect for those who are trying to cut down and eventually quite smoking altogether. This will be my next project, I guess. As much as I like to enjoy a smoke after a good meal, I think I would enjoy things more if I didn’t feel like smoking to begin with! Complete freedom from smoking is definitely going to be a lot easier to deal with.

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Enjoying a Picturesque View of the Mountains and a Smoke

I wish I could truly relate the enjoyment that I get from sitting in my lawn chair while taking in a picturesque view of the mountains in my new homeland in the Philippines. Add to that, a relaxing smoke without the hassle of actually having to light up and you have a complete perfect moment in time. This was something that never really expected when I first moved to the Philippines. And, to be honest, it wasn’t my actual experience when I found myself living in Manila (which is not the most pleasant of cities in the world). But after I had the means to move out into the provinces (where most foreigners live),I get the true “tropical island lifestyle”.

Now, I don’t have to listen to all the city sounds and see folks struggling to adapt to a harsh city with one hand on a construction tool and an even more harsh cig in the other. Instead of all that, I find myself living just a short walk down the road from super friendly relatives (including my wife’s brother and his wife) and living in a large house on a large piece of property with many fruit trees. Living in my house are me and my wife and three dogs. Four days out the week, our maid stays with us for the entire day, until evening and takes care of a lot of our chores. The rent of the property plus the cost of the maid works out to about $255 a month (plus utilities)! You can’t beat that.

But it’s not the economics that give me the most pleasure. It’s a combination of that magic evening smoking time and the awesome view of the mountains that start right at the end of the property line. Those mountains actually change color as the sun sets, from gold to red and finally to dark green.

With my electronic USB charger, I can actually charge my ecig while I’m working on my computer during the day. At the end of the day, comes the time when I gt out my comfortable lawn chair and position it so I can enjoy that ecig while meditating on the mountain view. I can feel my entire body becoming completely relaxed as all the cares of the day just melt away. Now this is the scene that I was looking for when I first decided to spend the rest of my life on a tropical island!

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Having More Peaceful Home and Work Moments

I try to avoid stress whenever possible and one of the things that has helped me to feel relaxed, both at work and at home, is the cool menthol taste of my favorite cigarettes. This is something that has been a part of my life for the better part of 30 years and I really couldn’t see it changing any time in the near future. But a good friend of mine pointed out a few interesting things that I had begun to notice as of late. Taken separately, these items are no big deal. But when you add then all up, things look a bit different.

First of all, the places where I could enjoy a moment to have a cigarette break were rapidly disappearing. No more smoking sections in my favorite restaurants and no more smoking inside the building where I work. Believe me, I’m here to tell you that standing outside in the cold in order to have a cigarette break is not even close to relaxing! In addition, we now have children at home, so you can imagine how my wife feels about me smoking around them. Forget it! Once again, I’ve been exiled to the great outdoors.

All of that came to a happy end when I took my friends advice and decided to try out (albeit, reluctantly) one of those “newfangled” electronic smoking devices. At first,I thought that I was going to have to tackle some steep learning curve in order to make the thing work. Well, I guess I was wrong about that too. It was amazingly easy to charge up and use. But here’s the kicker – the taste was great! I got as much menthol enjoyment, heck, maybe more, as any menthol cigarette that I ever smoked. That’s saying a lot. But that wasn’t even the best part.

I discovered that I could smoke in my own house now – without exposing my children (or my wife) to my second hand smoke. After dinner, I can sit at my computer while having a relaxing cig moment. How about that? It’s the same deal at work. During my break time, I’m allowed to hang out in the break room or even in my cubicle and enjoy my menthol ecig. The boss has one, too – so permission was no problem. This has actually increased my productivity while providing for less stress. That’s a combination that I can live with.

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That Perfect Satisfying Flavor

A friend of mine had noticed that I spent a lot of time outside smoking my old, reliable pack of Kools. This seemed to bother him more than usual when you consider the fact that he had approached me on several occasions regarding the possibility that I might quit smoking altogether. But I seriously enjoyed my menthol smokes during the day and evening. I certainly didn’t think that there was anything that could change my smoking habit at this late stage of the game. But I’m here to tell you that this was certainly not the case by a long shot.

He kind of took me by surprise one day when he handed me a small package and told me that it was a “gift”. I wanted to look inside right then and there, but he told me to wait until I got home – which I did. I was stunned when I opened up the package and saw what was inside. Inside, there was a cool alternative to the regular menthol cigs that I had been enjoying for such a long time. I think the thing that struck me the most was the fact that the size of these substitutes were quite compact.

However, that wasn’t the thing that really surprised me. After I got over how compact these things were, I charged one up and tried it out. Wow! The taste was extraordinary! The menthol flavor far exceeded the standard cigarettes that I had been used to for so many years. But here’s the kicker – there was no smell to speak of. This was going to be really popular when it came to those who had to endure my smoking for all these years. But, more importantly, I no longer had to be concerned about affecting the health of those I care about.

This was the big thing, at the time. But the final part of this story was even  more dramatic. You see, eventually I gave up smoking altogether! That right. I’m now smoke free and I am enjoying the effects that this has had on my ability to breathe. Now, I’m not saying that everyone who uses these electronic marvels will be able to give up smoking. However, in my case it really helped out a lot. And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s worth everything in the world. Recently, I bought a smoking friend of mine his own little “gift package”. What about you?

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It’s the Flavor That Counts!

You can say all you want about the convenience of electronic smoking and I won’t argue with you about that. After all, not having to carry around a pack of cigarettes and a lighter is very convenient. This includes the fact that you don’t have to be careful about the ashes that a standard cigarette produces. Even so – for me, it’s the benefit of enjoying that cool menthol taste after a great meal or during a relaxing portion of my day. That flavor signals me that it’s time to slow down and appreciate life, in general. It’s like a programmed response.

I find it hard, sometimes, to understand how an electronically delivered puff of menthol coolness can have such an effect on my mood. Sure,the nicotine helps, but it’s more than that. I know this because I have had the opportunity to smoke other types of cigarettes and it’s not the same. I even tried my friend’s chocolate flavored ecig juice! But it just wasn’t the same. I think it has to do with the fact that I began menthol-flavored cigarette smoking at a happier time in my life. So a part of me holds onto that really good feeling.

I guess this is why a menthol flavor infused ecig makes all the good feelings come back. Imagine, if you will, living near a crystal clear lake. I live near such a lake and I like to go out there in the early mornings on my days off. I can see the geese out there and feels like I’m the only one on the planet at that moment. That’s the time that I like to sit out on the dock and enjoy my ecig. I can relax and not have to worry about things like trying to light a cigarette in the wind and leaving cigarette butts to litter the environment.

It’s pretty much the same deal when I’ve had dinner with my family at home. I used to have to excuse myself and run outside for a smoke. Trust me, this was a huge pain when the outdoors turned cold in the winter. Not only that,but it deprived my family of some of my time, as well. But since I can still have my cool menthol enjoyment inside the home, things are different. I can spend more time with my family and give them all of my relaxed attention.

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My Enhanced Menthol Enjoyment

I had always thought that my old pack of menthol KOOL cigarettes would always be there to provide me with my old time smoking enjoyment. But I was seriously wrong about that! The biggest problem that I kept running into was a concerted effort on the part of the public to make sure that non-smokers were not subjected to second hand smoke. This seriously limited the areas that smoking was allowed and, as the years went by, smoking was banned in a number of different locations, such as restaurants. At work, the designated smoking areas were few and far between.

At home, once my wife an I had children, I began to segregate myself from them when it came to my smoking relaxation time. Of course, this was for their own protection, but it made me feel like an outcast in my own home. I knew that eventually something had to be done. However, I had such a hard time when it came it quitting smoking. Eventually, it was recommended to me that I try out electronic cigarettes and see if one could provide a good smoking substitute for my standard cigs. I have to admit thatI was pretty skeptical, at first.

However, it didn’t take me very long to see how refreshing the enhanced menthol flavor of an ecig actually is! I was absolutely amazed, since after so many years of smoking regular cigarettes, I never thought that I could adapt to anything different. But here I am, with my electronic cigarette, watching TV with my family after dinner without filling up the living room with harmful second hand smoke. It gives a whole new meaning to  the term “relaxation”. The same is true at work. I no longer have to run outside and spend half of my break just making it back and forth the the designated smoking area.

But, in the end, I think that the real winner is my own health. After a few months of using this alternative to smoking, I began to notice that I was breathing a whole lot easier. Now when I climb a bunch of steps, I’m no longer out of breath. The same holds true when I play with my kids. Maybe it’s just possible that I’m taking it a bit easier on my lungs and it’s making a difference. If that’s the case, then switching over to ecigs was the best choice that I could have possibly made!

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