That Perfect Satisfying Flavor

A friend of mine had noticed that I spent a lot of time outside smoking my old, reliable pack of Kools. This seemed to bother him more than usual when you consider the fact that he had approached me on several occasions regarding the possibility that I might quit smoking altogether. But I seriously enjoyed my menthol smokes during the day and evening. I certainly didn’t think that there was anything that could change my smoking habit at this late stage of the game. But I’m here to tell you that this was certainly not the case by a long shot.

He kind of took me by surprise one day when he handed me a small package and told me that it was a “gift”. I wanted to look inside right then and there, but he told me to wait until I got home – which I did. I was stunned when I opened up the package and saw what was inside. Inside, there was a cool alternative to the regular menthol cigs that I had been enjoying for such a long time. I think the thing that struck me the most was the fact that the size of these substitutes were quite compact.

However, that wasn’t the thing that really surprised me. After I got over how compact these things were, I charged one up and tried it out. Wow! The taste was extraordinary! The menthol flavor far exceeded the standard cigarettes that I had been used to for so many years. But here’s the kicker – there was no smell to speak of. This was going to be really popular when it came to those who had to endure my smoking for all these years. But, more importantly, I no longer had to be concerned about affecting the health of those I care about.

This was the big thing, at the time. But the final part of this story was evenĀ  more dramatic. You see, eventually I gave up smoking altogether! That right. I’m now smoke free and I am enjoying the effects that this has had on my ability to breathe. Now, I’m not saying that everyone who uses these electronic marvels will be able to give up smoking. However, in my case it really helped out a lot. And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s worth everything in the world. Recently, I bought a smoking friend of mine his own little “gift package”. What about you?

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